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Getting ready to remodel: How to prepare for your bathroom renovation

Bathroom remodels can be endlessly valuable to you as a homeowner—and not just in terms of improving home value.

Remodeling your bathroom can help boost your home’s energy efficiency, create better bathroom functionality, and refine the aesthetic of the space.

As with any home improvement project, there are challenges to the remodeling process, even more so when losing access to a space that is used daily. And especially when you have that one family member that loves an extra long shower.

There’s no need to stress, however. There are a few preparations you can make to help you and your household be more comfortable over the duration of the project.


1. Create alternative spaces.

Before renovations begin, take the time to migrate daily bathroom functions to new spaces. For example, a bedroom desk can become a makeup table. A dining table can become a hair salon. Your powder room can be repurposed for toothbrushing and shaving. Especially when you have multiple people in one household, finding alternative spaces to contain daily, time-consuming tasks can help alleviate spatial frustrations.

TIP: Consider adding floor-length mirrors to each bedroom. Each household member can set up their own mini-vanity in their personal space—perfect for getting dressed, drying their hair, or applying makeup.


2. Schedule bathroom routines.

Of course, with small children, you never know when mess will strike and an impromptu bath is needed. But for adults and teens in the household, carve out a few minutes a day where the bathroom is completely at their disposal.

This will depend largely on what everyone’s bathroom habits are, and what daily schedules look like—but it will help ensure everybody is being conscientious of time. For example, household members who commute to work or school early in the morning should get first priority for morning showers. Members who work or attend school from home can shower a little bit later in the morning before logging on. For those who exercise during the day—perhaps during their lunch break—an evening shower will help alleviate the morning rush, and provide adequate time for your hot water heater to catch up.


3. Sort and organize before renovations begin.

Clean out your vanity, medicine cabinet, linen closet, and any other storage you have in the bathroom. Using cardboard boxes or storage bins, begin to organize the items by a member of your household. From there, each person can bring their box to their respective room for storage. This will give them access to their own belongings without having to rifle through shared storage tubs.

TIP: Freestanding caddies are a great option for toiletry storage. Being able to wheel belongings back and forth is much easier than lugging an entire box, or juggling multiple items by hand. Avoid spills, messes, and further frustrations!


4. Opt to shower at the gym.

If you’re a gym goer, you can help mitigate shower schedule conflicts by showering after your workout. The benefits to this are two-sided: one, you’ll have more space to yourself and fewer time constraints. Two, it’s a great motivator to get to the gym more often!

TIP: Don’t forget to keep a travel bag of toiletries in your vehicle or gym locker. Ensuring you have your own brand of shampoo, conditioner, and body soap on hand will make it feel a little bit more like home.


5. Plan a getaway

This is certainly a more drastic option. When the dust, noise, and clutter get to be too much—take a break from it! A rental home will give you the space you need to spread out, without having to worry about scheduling showers or hogging hot water.


6. Be realistic, but optimistic

Home renovations are no easy feat. The sights and sounds of construction can be a headache. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, look back to your idea book or mood boards. Envision the space as it will be, not as it is in the present. Rest assured the renovation will come to an end and you’ll finally have the bathroom of your dreams.

Then, it’ll be on to the next project!

If you have more questions about the remodeling process and how to best prepare for your bathroom remodel, you can reach out to me directly at . I can’t wait to hear more about your design dreams and goals!


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